Yu-Tai lecture Sladek 院士兄弟 聯合演出 all of you are welcome for seminar, exercise and dinner together if you have interest, please let me know for my collection thanks

2015-10-28 21.37.57

Chen J T

Life-time Distinguished Professor
Department of Harbor and River Enginering
Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
National Taiwan Ocean University
55 MOE Academic Award Winner (教育部學術獎)
Associate Editor of EABE (Elsevier)
Associate Editor of JoM (Cambridge Univ. Press)
Associate Editor of JCIE (Taylor & Francis)
Phi Tau Phi Lecturer 2014
Guest Editor of IJCM (World Scientific Press)
Guest Editor of Advances in Mechanical Engineering (Hindawi)
海洋大學 河海工程系 886-2-24622192 ext.6177 or 6140
Google citing:http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=CcL1xQoAAAAJ&hl=en